Getting Started with CoTeDe

To quality control CTD or TSG, please check the package pySeabird.

Inside python

First load the module

>>> import cotede

With a data object from a CTD as described in the Data Model section, we can run the QC

>>> pqc = cotede.ProfileQC(ds)

The keys() will give you the data loaded from the CTD, similar to the ds itself

>>> pqc.keys()

To see one of the variables listed on the previous step

>>> pqc['sea_water_temperature']

The flags are stored at pqc.flags and is a dictionary, being one item per variable evaluated. For example, to see the flags for the salinity instrument

>>> pqc.flags['sea_water_salinity']

or for a specific test

>>> pqc.flags['sea_water_salinity']['gradient']

The class cotede.ProfileQCed is equivalent to the cotede.ProfileQC, but it already masks the non approved data (flag > 2). It can also be used like

>>> p = cotede.ProfileQCed(data)
>>> p['sea_water_temperature']

To choose which QC criteria to apply

>>> pqc = cotede.ProfileQC(ds, 'cotede')


>>> pqc = cotede.ProfileQC(ds, 'gtspp')

To define manually the test to apply

>>> pqc = cotede.ProfileQC(ds, {'sea_water_temperature': {'gradient': {'threshold': 6}}})

More examples

I keep a notebooks collection of practical examples to Quality Control CTD data . If you have any suggestion, please let me know.