class cotede.ProfileQC(input, cfg=None, saveauxiliary=True, verbose=True, attributes=None)

Quality Control a CTD profile

__init__(input, cfg=None, saveauxiliary=True, verbose=True, attributes=None)

A procedure to QC a hydrographic profile

  • input (dict-like) – An object with the data to be evaluated that responds like a dictionary. For instance, a variable pressure should be acessible as input[‘pressure’], or temperature as input[‘temperature’]. This input object could have attrs, with global attributes for the whole dataset. For instance, input.attrs[‘lat’] would give the nominal latitude of the dataset input.

  • cfg (dict-like or str) – The QC configuration to be used in the current profile. If a string, it should be the name of a JSON QC configuration. Check the manual for the available options.

  • saveauxiliary (bool) – Save features as .features

  • verbose (bool) – Show extra information

  • attributes (dict-like, optional) – If given, append/overwirte the input.attrs

keys(self): List of input contents


__init__(input[, cfg, saveauxiliary, …])

A procedure to QC a hydrographic profile


Return the available keys in