0.17 - Mar, 2016

  • Implementing fuzzy procedures inside CoTeDe, thus removing dependency on scikit-fuzzy. scikit-fuzzy is broken, hence compromising tests and development of CoTeDe.

0.16 - Mar, 2016

  • Using external package OceansDB to handle climatologies and bathymetry.

0.15 - Dec, 2015

  • Moved procedures to handle climatology to external standalone packages.

0.14 - Aug, 2015

  • Interface for human calibration of anomaly detection
  • Implemented fuzzy logic criteria

0.13 - July, 2015

  • Major improvements in the anomaly detection submodule
  • Partial support to thermosalinographs (TSG)
  • Working on WOA test to generalize for profiles and tracks
  • Adding .json to default QC configuration filenames
  • Moved load_cfg from qc to utils


Since 0.9 some of the most important changes.

  • Following CF vocabulary for variables names (PRES, TEMP, PSAL…)
  • Partial support to ARGO profiles
  • Added density invertion test
  • Included haversine to avoid dependency on MAUD.
  • tox and travis support.

0.9 - Dec, 2013

  • Going public


  • Creating fProfileQC()

0.5.4 - Nov, 2013

  • Including Tukey53H test


  • Implemented ProfileQCCollection

0.4 - Sep, 2013

  • gradient and spike tests with depth conditional thresholds
  • CruiseQC
  • Use default threshold values for the QC tests.

0.1 - May 24, 2013

  • Initial release.

QC_ML - 2011

  • QC_ML, a machine learning approach to quality control hydrographic data, the initial prototype of CoTeDe. I refactored the system I developed to quality control TSG, to evaluate the PIRATA’s CTD stations for INPE. At this point I migrated from my personal Subversion server to Bitbucket, and I lost the history and logs before this point.


  • A system to automaticaly quality control TSG data on realtime for AOML-NOAA. The data was handled in a PostgreSQL database, and only the traditional tests were applied, i.e. a sequence of binary tests (spike, gradient, valid position …).